Do You Feed Your Dog Too Much Human Food  ?

 Do You Feed Your Dog Too Much Human Food  ?                            

Feeding dogs human food or table food can be a hotly debated topic amongst dog owners.  One group believes that it’s not ok, while another group believes that dogs can eat anything that a human eats.  I believe that dogs can eat some things humans eat, but in moderation.  There is human food that they cannot eat, and too much of a good thing can be bad for dogs.  Just like with anything else there needs to be a balance.

Dogs are like children and have to be taught. If you have something to eat that they want, they’re going to do their best to get it. They need to stick to a balanced diet and get other food occasionally.  Getting very small amounts of human food and treats are ok for training, or rewards.  The only “human food” I give my dog in a significant amount  is a raw food diet for dogs, and small amounts of fat occasionally from my cooked meat.  (More on the raw food diet another time).   My dog is 50 pounds and VERY active. If and when she slows down I will reduce the treats and table food she gets even though it’s not much.

I have to admit it – my dog gets a treat for going to bed each night,  if I remember because when I first rescued her 7 years ago that’s what it took to train her to go to bed.  I just never stopped.  OOPS !  😀   She doesn’t get much for treats though.  It’s a small freeze dried treat for a dog her size.  She is hilarious.  When you tell her to go to bed she runs to the end of the hall and skids on the carpet as she turns the corner to go to the room.  My husband says he’s never seen a dog that loves to go to bed that much before.  Yea, well we know why.  😀

Who’s Smarter – You Or Your Dog ?                                                                                        

Dogs are pretty smart at trying to get what they want.  When they hear you moving around in the kitchen, opening a cabinet or the refrigerator, they’re going to come and check it out to see what you’re doing.  They know what happens in the kitchen.  They can smell food cooking and that’s probably where you fix their food.  I know, it’s hard to resist those puppy like eyes staring up at you that say please give me some of what you have, but you need to resist.  Your dog can become obese if given too much to eat and it can cause other health problems.  Remember they have their food to eat also.

If your dog becomes overweight, that could be a sign that you’re giving him too much human food – especially if you know that he’s eating all of his dog food as well. Some dogs may refuse to eat their food once they start getting a significant amount of human food because it tastes better.  One clear sign that you’re giving your dog too much human food is if he’s leaving food in his dish, but he’s still running to you when he knows that you’re eating something.

What Foods Can He Not Have ?

If you choose to give your dog table scraps or human food don’t give him processed snacks, foods high in salt, chocolate, onions or certain types of nuts.  Also avoid giving grains or potatoes.  They don’t need it, and it’s not a good carbohydrate.  I give my dog fat off of my food occasionally, but not very often.  Consider the size of your dog if you give any human food such as fat.  My dog is 50 pounds so what I give her doesn’t amount to much.

Can Dogs Eat Garlic ?

Yes, garlic can be given, but has to be prepared correctly.  You have to take it out of the husk, chop it up and let to sit for 10 minutes, so that the allinn and alliinase can combine to form the beneficial enzyme allicin.  Right after the 10 minutes is up put it in your dogs food to get the full health benefits of the garlic.  No store bought garlic that was prepared by the store or manufacturer. It needs to be fresh because after its out of the husk, chopped and has sat the 10 minutes it starts to lose its nutritional value.
How much garlic to feed ? 5 lbs – 1/16th of a tsp., 10lbs 1/3 tsp., 15 lbs ½ tsp., 20 lbs 2/3 of a tsp., 30 lbs 1 tsp.  Yes you need to measure it out.  They should not have more than this.  – Source:Dogs Naturally

DO NOT give garlic to sick, pregnant dogs, puppies under 1 year, dogs on medicine because it can interact with it, 2 weeks before a surgery or with breeds that should not have it.  2  breeds that are known are Akitas and Shiba Inus.  They are sensitive to the effects of N-propyl disulphide found in garlic.  Be sure to do your research !  It doesn’t have to be given for good health, so avoid it if your not willing to prepare it fresh or take the precautions necessary.  – Source:Dogs Naturally

So … To Give Human Food Or Not 

It’s okay to give your dog certain bits of human food such as lean meats, some fat or vegetables. You’ll find those in many of the top quality dog foods. But giving your dog junk food and other items is not only a sure way for him to add on extra pounds, it can also make him very ill.

Giving him some food won’t hurt him and certain human foods are good for dogs, but overdoing it can make him miss out on some of the nutritional value he needs from his own food. Just balance the table food with how much food he’s supposed to have for the entire day.

Linda Rinne

Linda Rinne is a looong time Dog Lover ! She is not a veterinarian, but has researched solutions for simple to more difficult health ailments over the years to provide the best quality natural care for her dogs. She has also helped her family and friends care for their dogs as well.