Dry Skin Relief For Dogs

Does your dog have dry skin ?  There can be many reasons for this.  Sometimes dry skin is caused by the weather, allergies in the environment outdoors and diet. Dry skin can be manageable in the beginning, but if itching begins it becomes worse. Finding a dry skin relief for dogs is important so that the skin problem is not agrivated further.

Dry skin uѕuаllу indicates а problem wіth уоur dog’s health.  Many times is is because your dog is not getting thе nutrients it requires fоr healthy skin.  Anоthеr reason could be thаt уоu аrе оvеr bathing him too often and the chemicals in the shampoo are stripping the skin of its natural moisture leaving the skin dry.  There are some way you can remedy these problems by following a few simple steps.

Natural Skin Remedies For Dogs

There are natural remedies that can be use for dog skin problems. If the problem is severe medication may be required short term. If the skin problem is chronic or severe I would recommend working with a natural vet if possible. They may start with meds if needed and then they will move to natural remedies so the body can heal itself naturally.

Special Dog Shampoo

Uѕе а special dog shampoo that will provide dry skin relief for dogs but be careful of the ingredients.  You can wash your dog every couple of months as long as the shampoo has NO chemicals. Bathing your dog helps to get rid of dry skin, allergens and dust mites.

A dogs skin has a tendency to get dry in the winter like ours does.  So, it it is best to avoid bathing in the winter if you can.  Using a dog shampoo that is moisturizing containing only a few ingredients such as essential oils, neem oil, coconut oil, and/ or aloe vera is important. Sometimes a dog needs to be bathed in the winter and that is ok, its just best to do it other times of the year if you can.  Dustys skin allergies start around October so she has to be bathed in the winter.  I just use a good moisturizing shampoo that his hypoallergenic.

Petting Your Dog

Petting and brushing your dog is good for their emotional health and will promote the circulation of natural oils in the dogs skin which will keep it more moisturized.  Brushing your dog will also get rid of flaky skin and promote the development of healthy new skin.

Oatmeal Bath

An oatmeal bath can be a Dry Skin Relief For Dogs as long as your dog does not have an allergy to grains or doesn’t need to stay away from them for some reason.
I have read in places online when looking for remedies for Dustys itchy skin where people will use a homemade colloidal oatmeal  and baking soda bath.  The dog has to soak fоr аbоut 15 minutes,  It is supposed to relieve thе itchy skin thаt іѕ most often thе result оf dry skin. You will likely have to be in constant contact with your dog to get them to stay in the bathtub.  I have not tried it because I need to keep Dusty away from grains.  But sounds like something that might be worth trying if your dog would stay that long.

Dogs Diet

Finding a dry skin relive for your dog may not be easy.  Your dogs diet is the most important factor in helping to improve your dogs skin problem if you are not already feeding a very high quality dog food.  Most health problems start on the inside of the dog, as a result of their diet.  This was the case for Dusty.  When I switched her to a raw diet her health took a big turn for the better.

I know people mean well after all its their fur baby, and with all the ads out there it SEEMS like a lot of the brands have a good dog food.  The word natural doesn’t mean much these days.  It makes for a good marketing slogan.

Look at whats in your dogs food.  It should have whole foods in the list of ingredients.  If you see vitamins in the list that looks good right ?  Buts is not.  If the vitamins are listed in the dogs food that means they are synthetic vitamins that were sprayed on after the kibble was baked. So any vitamins listed in your dogs food is synthetic – not real.  So you want to find a dog food with the least amount of vitamins listed, that also contain whole foods.  The order of the highest quality food to the lowest is raw diet(bilogically appropriate diet), freeze dried raw, homemade cooked, canned and kibble.  The least processed to the most processed.

There may be one thing or several things are contributing to your dogs skin problem.  Try the remedies mentioned here, and if the problems continue be sure to see your vet to be sure there is not a more serious health problem going on.


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Linda Rinne

Linda Rinne is a looong time Dog Lover ! She is not a veterinarian, but has researched solutions for simple to more difficult health ailments over the years to provide the best quality natural care for her dogs. She has also helped her family and friends care for their dogs as well.