Essential Oils For Dog Allergies

Tips For Using Essential Oils For Dog Allergies

If your pet is itching, it’s possible that essential oils might be able to help his dog allergies.

Our furry friends can develop allergies just like the humans they love. Dog allergies can show themselves in many ways, but a very common expression is in itchy skin.

There are many possible causes of itchy skin, but once you have a diagnosis of dog allergies from the vet, using essential oils may give your pooch some relief.

Before you start using essential oils to help your pup, take a look at these important tips to keep them safe.

Use Only Quality Oils

To avoid hurting your dog rather than helping, make sure you use only therapeutic-grade essential oils (not perfume quality or aromatherapy grade). Any other form may contain solvents and other chemicals, which can make your dog’s problem worse. Although the lower price of inferior quality oils may be tempting, they can actually harm your pet, for example by damaging his liver. So its better to be safe than sorry and spend a little more on quality oils.  Essential oils are very concentrated, and so one bottle should last a long time.

Dilute Oils for Safety

Since the strength of essential oils is based on the human body, which is equal to about a 150-pound dog, dilution is required to ensure your dog’s safety. Dr. Coates says that it is very important to “always mix essential oils with a base such as fractionated coconut oil, or cold-pressed olive oil.” For canine use, dilute at a ratio of one drop essential oil to 10 drops base oil for large to medium pooches, or one drop of essential oil to 25 drops base oil for small dogs. Never mix an essential oil with water. Thorough integration is impossible, since, as the old adage goes, “oil and water don’t mix.” – Paw Culture

One Oil to Cure Them All

(or, why lavender essential oil is the best thing ever for your dog)

There are a number of essential oils that are safe to use for dog allergies. Among those oils are Lavender, Helichrysum, and Chamomile.

When considering the different essential oils that are safe to dilute and use to help your devoted companion, lavender stands out because it is so well rounded. Lavender is antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal and is very effective for allergies in dogs.

Here is a brief look at the benefits of lavender.

Lavender Oil

Lavender is considered to have a variety of benefits for dogs, and is especially noted for the following properties:

Calming, sedative action:

It is an excellent oil to help calm dogs that are fearful, agitated, hyperactive or anxious.

Flea and tick control:

Although it doesn’t kill fleas and ticks, it can be useful in helping to repel them.

Skin therapy:

It can help to provide some relief when applied to dry, itchy skin.


In addition to its medicinal benefits, its fragrance makes for an effective way to control pet odor.

– Happy Tails Spa

Even though we love them, our bodies are very different from our dog’s. Remember anytime you plan to use essential oils for your pet, do your homework and confirm that the oil you plan to use is non-toxic for that animal.

5 Important Points About Essential Oils

Never give them by mouth or in food

Keep them out of reach of cats

Do not apply to open skin wounds

Do not use on pregnant animals

ALWAYS dilute the oils so you don’t burn your dogs skin

 –  Happy Tails Spa

Do you think your dog has allergies?

Try using essential oils to resolve your dogs skin problem.

Keep in mind that the positive effect that the oils have on your dogs skin will depend on the reason for your dogs allergies.  It could be due to the environment your dog lives in, from the food they are eating, or a more serious health problem going on inside your dogs body.

If essential oils do not resolve your dogs skin problems fairly quickly go see your vet to find out more about what could be going on.

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