Improve Your Dog’s Health With Natural Dog Health Care

Dog health is something that all people think about on some level. Anyone who takes great care of themselves understands the benefits of natural dog health care.  If you don’t have a vet that provides uses natural remedies, then you will  be the one doing it.  My husband teases me and says the dog eats better than he does.  Our dog has been through a lot with her health and so we have put a lot of time and money into her.  Some people would think I spent too much on her and do too much for her.  I am sure you understand.  She is a part of my family and should have the best dog health care I can provide. This means more than just feeding her and being sure she
looks ok.   It’s a conscious decision.

Be Attentive To Dogs Health

You have to commit yourself to your dog’s health by giving him the best food that you can afford, and checking him to be sure there is nothing wrong. This means when your petting your dog you notice things.  What is the condition of the fur, and does everything feel ok.   Maybe you find a place where he has injured himself or has a wound. You can’t take care of it so it doesn’t get infected if you aren’t aware it is there. Some dogs are very active and accident prone.  Maybe that happens because your dog is fiesty and likes to climb trees, or plays hard. Yes Dusty has climbed a tree before. A stickery lemon tree to get to a bird. Wish I had a picture of that !

Maybe you feel a lump that wasn’t there before. Yes, that’s a scary thought and really scary if you find it. I know.  I have been there several times.  But just because there is a lump doesnn’t mean it’s a death sentence. It could be a lump called a Lipoma, which is fat deposits under the skin, and an indication something is wrong with the immune system.   It is not normal for those to be there.   Lipomas are one of the ways the body tries to get rid of toxins. The only time they need to be removed is if they are growing quickly or in the way of an organ. I am not an advocate for surgery for these unless absolutely necessary because when they are removed they still return because the body still has an problem.   There is no definite way to find out what the lump is until you consult with your veterinarian.

Another indication that something could be wrong is if your dog is licking itself  in a particular spot all the time.  It could be allergies to something outside that they are playing or sniffing in, or a problem on the inside.  If the problem is internal then external solutions only work temporarily and you need to find the root of the problem.

So, as you can see its important to pay attention to changes in your dogs appearance and behavior.  If your not paying attention you don’t find these things so that they can be taken care of right away.

Nnatural dog health care solutions are the best long care solution because they are the least invasive. Medication can seeeem to take care of one problem, but it usually causes another one. Medication just covers up the symptoms, but natural products give the body what it needs to heal itself. Don’t get me wrong. Medication has its place, but in the short term not long term.

Dusty As An Example

A year ago I moved across town and had to get another vet. The one I had used for years was too far away to go. I loved my vet and did not want to find another one, so I did no look until Dusty had a really serious problem. I Eventually found out that she had a rare yeast problem. She was licking her feet until they bled, and she still continued to lick them. Nothing stopped her. And I tried several types of cones. The first vet I went to was only about med’s. She did some tests and wanted to put my dog on allergy meds the rest of her life. I left her because that’s not finding an answer to the problem. That was just convenience in my opinion. After a month I finally ended up with a vet that specializes in western medicine AND natural medicine. It took some trial and error for a couple of weeks, but we ended up giving her 2 weeks of a medication and then tried the Chinese herbs again. The medication was necessary to calm down the itching problem because the Chinese herbs were not able to work on their own. Then the natural medicine could start to work. But the point here is sometimes medication is necessary to calm down the problem then you are able to use the a natural remedy can be used successfully.

So, Does A Natural Dog Care Approach Really Matter ?                                            
Making sure we give our dogs natural health care does more than just having our dogs live longer, it provides quality of life for the amount of time we have them with us. Our dogs have needs unique to them, and to be sure these needs are met we need to be attentive and provide them with the best natural dog health care we can so that they have the best quality of life.

So, you may have to change your lifestyle from the way you know it to be able to incorporate make healthy choices for your dog. It may take more time because you are reading the labels of food, grooming supplies, or treats you buy, or may take a little more money to buy quality items for natural dog care. But, when you have a healthy dog where his coat is shiny and healthy, and his immune system is strong, he will enjoy running and playing and keeping company with you.

I would love to hear how you ensure that your dog maintains good health.
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Linda Rinne

Linda Rinne is a looong time Dog Lover ! She is not a veterinarian, but has researched solutions for simple to more difficult health ailments over the years to provide the best quality natural care for her dogs. She has also helped her family and friends care for their dogs as well.