Dog Health Pulse

Hello Everyone ! Welcome to Dusty’s Wellness Trail where you will be able to join me in the journey to maintaining your dog’s health through natural methods that I have learned about myself.  If you checked your pulse today on how well you are caring for your dog – how well would you be doing ?  

We can all do better !  That includes me.  Life gets busy and then something happens that makes you realize you need to get back on track with caring for your dog well.

If you have read my About Page you know that I have had several dogs with cancer. Along with that comes many hours of research. Each time I educated myself on

how I could help my dog improve their health NATURALLY.    Each dog had a different type of cancer, and so the experience with each one was different.  It affected each one of them differently.

NATURAL Dog Health Care

I believe that NATURAL Dog Health Care is the best way to care for your dog because you are working WITH your dog’s immune system to get them healthy or keep them healthy. While medication has its place SHORT term, it should not be used as lifetime care. At the least medication covers up the symptoms of the dogs health problem, but can cause other health problems in your dog like med’s can cause more problems in people.

Nutrition plays a big part in your dog’s health.

This nutrition for your dog starts with what your dog is eating.   I feed my dog raw because I feel like that is the best food I can give her.  If you can’t afford it or have several dogs and so you can’t, the next best thing to feed is canned, after that is freeze dried raw, and then kibble is last.

Here’s A Kibble Dog Food Tip Special For You: I don’t know if you have thought about it, but Kibble creates a water deficient environment in your dog body which can cause kidney problems. So be sure to add water to your dog’s kibble. Also, it’s baked and so a lot of the nutrients are cooked out of it. If you are feeding Kibble to your dog be sure that it is a high quality one containing whole food.

I will communicate more with you later about what and how to feed your dog so they are healthy and happy !

Our Dogs Overall Health

When thinking about our dogs overall health Keep in mind that once symptoms show up the damage to your dogs body has already been done, and can’t be reversed.

So it’s better to provide high quality PREVENTATIVE care, and be SURE !
We only have our fur babies a short time, and want them to have the best possible quality of life.

Well, its time for me to go and give Dusty some quality time.  She must think I am writing about her because she is persistently demanding my full attention right now. She is not usually this needy, but then again her playmate (my husband) is working on an assignment for a class so he is not available right now.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to helping you and hearing what you have to share ! We are in this together !

Be sure to comment below the blog posts with questions or comments.

Linda and Dusty (AKA, “Scrappy”)